3-Tier Kitchen Corner Shelf Rack Spice Storage Rack
3-Tier Kitchen Corner Shelf Rack Spice Storage Rack
3-Tier Kitchen Corner Shelf Rack Spice Storage Rack

3-Tier Kitchen Corner Shelf Rack Spice Storage Rack

Model NO. K032

Item Dimensions:                     22*22*23.5cm
Item Weight:                             430g
Color:                                        White
Item No.                                      K032
Delivery:                                      EXW, FOB
MOQ:                                          1000PCS
Supply Ability:                            10000pcs / Month
Country of Origin:                       Ningbo, CN
Lead Time:                                  35-45 working days

Categories: Kitchen Series
In the kitchen or bathroom, bedroom or lounge, this 3-Tier Kitchen Corner Shelf Rack will instantly create elegant storage space. Incredibly versatile, this set of shelves will add a touch of sophistication to your home. Made of high-quality steel, the Steel Kitchen Corner Shelf also has taller sides so you can safely store tall items like jars and bottles. Visibility and accessibility are a piece of cake for Spice Rack Storage for Cupboards, which promotes air circulation, which is great for fruits and vegetables. Use it in the pantry to make the most of vertical space, store makeup/accessories in the bedroom or keep bath salts or shampoo in the bathroom.

Steel Kitchen Corner Shelf

The kitchen is a messy and messy area in the home. It needs to be cleaned frequently, and it is messy again soon after cleaning, which makes people very headache. Now some people use Spice Rack Storage for Cupboards to solve the problem of messy kitchens, find a fixed position for every item in the kitchen, and return them when they are used up, so that the kitchen can be kept tidy for a long time.

There are many condiments in the kitchen, and the three meals a day have to be moved, which makes the kitchen countertop look particularly messy. This 3-Tier Kitchen Corner Shelf Rack is compact, doesn't take up too much space, and is easily accessible.

Spice Rack Storage for Cupboards
Item Dimensions: 22*22*23.5cm
Item Weight:430g
Delivery:EXW, FOB
MOQ: 1000PCS
Supply Ability: 10000pcs / Month
Country of Origin: Ningbo, CN
Lead Time: 35-45 working days
Steel Kitchen Corner Shelf
• Ideal for empty corners of deep cabinets and countertops
• Sturdy enough to hold heavy plates securely 
• Perfect plate storage rack for cabinet and counte
• Heavy duty structure allows for storage of heavier home & kitchen items.

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